Benefits of Using Dog Kennels and Crates

Most pet lovers and organizations are instructing owners to use kennels, crates, and carriers as the way of giving your dog a place for transportation.

Of course, you have to implement it appropriately, but the idea is that you will be able to provide your pet with a reassuring environment while traveling.

Dogs have the instinct to seek out a place in which they will find shelter, sleep, escape from danger, and raise a family. That is why dog crates and kennels are excellent choices, but you have to make a proper introduction that will give your dog a positive perspective.

By creating a den-like environment, you can help your puppy or dog to feel safer and happier than before. You should check here if you wish to learn more about the best kennels and crates that you can purchase for your particular requirements.

As soon as your dog is properly introduced and comfortable inside the crate, it will become a shelter and haven for them that will increase both security and comfort.

The additional bonus for owners is that they will know that your pet is safely contained and calm, and they will not cause destruction and distress while you are away.

Of course, you have to make sure that your dog is looking at its create as a positive area and space. Therefore, you have to introduce them gently and patiently. You will be able to introduce your dog to carrier or kennel without attracting distress and fear.

For instance, you can add some toys or treats inside, and always place the meal in the crate, so that they can eat inside and find it a safe place to enjoy. We decided to present you advantages on how dog crate and kennel will make your pet happier than before:

1. Simpler To Toilet Drain It

Having a dog create means that you will have a less challenging task when it comes to toilet draining. However, before you decide to find the best one for yourself, it is vital to learn all you can from animal professional, vet, and breeder about dog needs when it comes to toilet training.

You probably did not know that puppies have to empty their bladders every single hour, and that happens overnight too. On the other hand, adult dogs can last much longer, but that is not the case with senior dogs with health issues.

Their instincts are telling them that sleeping and eating-places should be divided and separated from toileting areas.

Therefore, you will be able to use a pet crate as a safe space for them to sleep and eat, which means that they will tap the instincts and try to avoid using it for toileting needs.

As soon as you complete toilet training, it is most unlikely to have toileting accidents in kennel or crate due to inherent reasons.

2. You Can House Train Your Puppy With Ease

You can also use dog crates as the perfect choice that will help you house train your puppy.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re transitioning it to live inside, introducing them to a new home, or bringing a new pet along the way, in all situations that we’ve mentioned, it is vital to educate your dog on where it is allowed to sleep, eat, play and toilet.

Initially speaking, it is a perfect choice to create a small area with a pet crate and playpen. As soon as they learn that pet crate is the best choice for sleeping and eating, you will be able to increase the size of their area.

Finally, your pet will learn how to return to its kennel or crate to sleep, eat, for comfort. At the same time, it will understand where it is allowed to go to the toilet, which means that having an appropriate crate will reduce the hassle that may happen with untrained dogs.

3. Keep Your Dog Secure and Safe

When you introduce your dog with a pet crate, and they find it a comfortable area for spending time inside, you will know that it is helpful to use it during the stressful periods and events such as loud noises that come with fireworks and storms.

If you wish to prepare a crate for a stressful event, you have to place inside their favorite toy as well item of your clothing that comes with your scent. You should also add bedding and blankets.

Apart from that, you should encourage your dog to spend some time inside, so that they can feel happy and secure in case of fireworks or storm. If you wish to learn how to crate train your dog, you should check out this site: for more information.

4. Perfect If You Have Multiple Dogs

Since dogs are pack animals, they are inclined to understand who is alpha of their pack, which means the person in charge. Have in mind that dogs within your household will consider humans as the part of the package, and not just dogs.

Everything depends on their personality and breed, but dogs can be docile, dominant, or somewhere in between. Therefore, you should understand how to respect your dog’s pack and treat everyone equally.

You will be able to achieve this particular idea by creating and enforcing rules and providing treats and feeding all pet dogs at the same time. You should also prepare your dog for a sense that it is okay for it to spend time apart from you inside the house.

5. Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

It is vital for your dogs and pets that it understands that it is not a problem for them to be apart from other humans and dogs from the pack. You can do it by giving them time to spend by themselves inside the crate by playing with a favorite toy.

You can also let them go when it comes to eating special treats because that will give them a positive boost that being alone is not a problem at all and that it can be fun as well.

That way, you will keep your dog is happy, confident and their behavior will not change as they reach senior ages.