Pick Up After Your Pet With a Leading Pet Waste Station

If you’re like most dog owners, managing and disposing of your pet’s “business” is probably a little tricky for you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We know that picking up after them more than likely reigns supreme at the bottom of the totem pole for many owners out there… and we can’t say we blame you. Who really wants to put any part of themselves near their pet’s business? But, with prevailing opinion and legislation requiring pet owners to maintain clean, healthy spaces, and public health concerns growing in complexity, owners everywhere are facing increasing pressure to responsibly dispose of their pet’s waste.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re actually excited about this! No more worried last-minute glances at grassy patches or double-takes on the beach. With social responsibility leading the effort in this change, we have the ultimate solution for pet owners everywhere: the PawPail® Pet Waste Station. It’s a dog waste container that provides the answers to every part of the disposal process – from controlled-life dog poop bags to pick up the waste to an activated carbon air filter to absorb harmful odors and chemicals!

But Why Should We Pick Up?

For the most part, pet owners recognize the importance of this. But unfortunately, there are still some rotten apples when it comes to picking up after their pets. It may seem innocuous enough to just leave pet waste where it “belongs” in nature – what could possibly be the harm? It’s biodegradable, right?


There are tons of unseen dangers in leaving behind your pet’s waste. People, children, and other pets can become exposed to harmful worms and bacteria left behind in the waste that often cause other diseases. Did you know that pet waste is actually classified as a non-point source pollutant by the EPA, the same as oil spills and toxic chemicals? You wouldn’t let those contaminate your yard, and you shouldn’t leave pet waste either!

So How Can You Help?

Getting rid of the stinky results of your pet’s call to nature isn’t exactly convenient, or easy. Generally, there are only a couple methods that a majority of owners are using nowadays, including:

  • Flushing
  • Trashing
  • Composting

Each of these methods carry their own pros and cons, but at the end of the day you’re still lugging around your pet’s waste until you come across some way to get rid of it.  Composting requires the presence of a composter and the knowledge to use it, while flushing it down a toilet can potentially harm your plumbing system and means you have to bring the poop inside. Yuck!

Trashing is perhaps the most commonly used method, but even this carries some negative side effects.  Chiefly, you’re allowing waste to fester within your bin until trash day rolls around, and during the hotter months, the heat can exacerbate the stink.

Instead of using your traditional trash bin, our specially designed dog poop trash can eliminates the common problems associated with trashing pet waste. Our bags are strong, the carbon air filter reduces hazardous airborne odors and chemicals, and the actual bin can be stored anywhere on the ground or even be mounted to a wall. Like we said, it’s the ultimate pet waste solution! Keep your yard clear of waste and never worry about the safety of your children and pets again with the PawPail® Pet Waste Station.